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PHE began in 2010 as service orientated and energy brokerage for national commercial Natural Gas contract negotiation and business development. The original client was downstream wholesaler of Tire Natural Gas Oklahoma. PHE grew in consulting for Torch Energy Houston for infrastructure development for wind energy and wind sensor tower forecasting system infrastructure projects.
MISSION: To increase the life standards of people and to structure more prosperous societies and environments. By raising stability of commerce in energy and agronomy reinforcing the foundation of a country’s stability.
VISION: To increase the potential ties with new markets: Middle and Far East and Africa potentials. Along with to establish structures base on win-win situations, to increase welfare of people by helping countries, using and mobilizing their own sources of payments not by means of conventional credit lines.
Equipment and maintenance:
PHE Equipment:
Was developed in request of Torch Energy Houston for developing system for maintaining equipment and infrastructure tooling required for wind sensor and wind farm installations. This has since grown into international supply chain of equipment and parts and supporting tooling. The first contract was for the western United States with inventory accountable of 3.2million. Along with that was the project management of equipment logistics to place where and when it would be needed for various project timelines.
Trade and Supply Chain,
PHE has built key relationships with energy supply vendors in various countries both official and unofficial. This entails for both traditional energy services and supply chain and renewable energy systems. Having both the past and future in grasp, allow to create a more stable energy plan for clients. Whether that is petroleum and its derivatives, or the machinery to produce electrical energy. This includes innovative solid-state fuel renewables which stand to have single highest BTU per KG compared to other solid states. PHE works with upstream and down stream to build a long-term solution to power your goals.

Infrastructure projects:
The principals of our firm both in PHE and other companies have been responsible for various energy projects. LP tank farm Nigeria, LNG Terminal stations financing, Combustion-absent renewable energy power plants to stabilize a grid, Supplying of Enerpac tools for Iraq oil fields, Supplying of traditional commercial generators, Project development of pyrolysis concepts, Recycling of petroleum for renewable fuel productions. Developing industrial fuels for 3rd worlds from tires, Gasification agronomy project for Norway from Ghana, Waste to Energy concepts, Water Desalinization lobbying prototypes for brackish water cleanup. Also arranging project financing, for infrastructure projects using systems built in house to reduce finance burdens of money intensive builds. The largest project we can never take credit nor monetary compensation for when PHE president negotiated with CNPC pipeline division president, and Russian top Officials for a pipeline construction to Sakhalin.

Renewable Energy:
Through use of high-tech new systems. PHE is pioneering the field to bring decentralized power generation with out use of fossil fuels in modular hybrid solar wind generator plants. Targeting in support of substations around a power grid. These plants which can be placed inside of climate controlled and environmental controlled warehousing are adaptable to most regions around the world. With remote management of the power plants help in maintenance plans.

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