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Bollinger the Electric SUV

ABOUT Bolinger Motors Electric vehiclh.

This is the vehicle we’re going to use here at Putnam Hill Energy as our fleet vehicles, we’ve already reserved preproduction spots.

Bollinger Motors has created the world’s first all-elecctric sport utility truck. All electric. All wheel drive. All together different.

Bollinger SUV electric vehicle trail ride testing

We started with a clean sheet of paper in 2014 in the mountains of upstate New York and 20 months later had a truck like nothing else on the market.

We are a team that loves trucks. It’s a vehicle we can’t live without. From what they can do, how they perform, and what they look like, it is the ultimate in what we want out of a vehicle. Trucks on the market today are good but not without issues. So we engineered a vehicle that does a truck better with added functionality, performance, and capability that up to now has been missing.

That includes a 100% electric drivetrain that delivers instant torque, silent operations, zero emissions, and a portable power supply for tools, machines, even off-the-grid cabins.

All told, we created unmatched efficiency, ground clearance, storage, off-road capabilities, and fun into one truck you’ll love for the rest of your life.


  • All Electric
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Dual Motor
  • 360 Horsepower
  • 472 lb-ft Torque
  • 120 kWh Battery Pack
  • 200 Mile Range
  • Level 1, 2, 3 Charging
  • Electronic Locking Diffs
  • Manual-disconnect Sway Bars
  • 2 Speed HI/LO Gearboxes
  • 4X Torque in Lo Range
  • 15.5” Ground Clearance
  • 10” Wheel Travel
  • 56° Approach Angle
  • 54° Departure Angle
  • LT285/70/R17 Tire
  • 76.5” Width
  • 73.5” Height
  • 115.5” Wheelbase (4 Door)
  • 159” Length (4 Door)
  • 68” Rear Track
  • 4 Passenger
  • Fold Down Seats
  • 13 X 14” Dash Pass-Thru
  • Holds 12 foot long lumber
  • Holds 4 x 8 plywood
  • Air Conditioning
  • 5000 lbs Payload
  • 10,001 lbs GVWR
  • 50/50 Weight Balance
  • Very Low COG
  • Regenerative Braking


  • Yes, you can reserve a B1 here.
  • Yes, you can sign up to our newsletter here.
  • We are making the 4 door version only at first.
  •  120 kWh.
  • We are planning on 200 mile minimum EPA range.
  • The SRP will be announced soon.
  • We will take deposits in the second half of 2018 after our SRP is announced.
  • Production will start in late 2019 with first deliveries in 2020.
  •  Four.
  • We are currently not planning on offering that.
  • Yes, the details of which will come later.
  • We’re looking for a third-party service provider with coverage nationwide.
  • The following are approximates: Level 1: 80 hours Level 2: 17 hours Level 3: 2 hours A 120 kWh pack is very large so you would not necessarily deplete fully or need to recharge fully, so your real-world times will be less.
  • Our first production run will be for the US, with export production to follow. More details soon.
  • Yes, we will first make LHD trucks for the US market, followed by RHD for export. No firm timeline yet though.
  • 5000 lbs.
  • Yes.
  • 7500 lbs.
  • No, solar technology is not efficient enough yet to incorporate it into the vehicle. The cost and complexity far outweighs the trickle amount of electricity you get in return.
  • Yes, we will offer a winch as an option.
  • No, we are only planning on making a fully finished truck. High voltage electricity prevents us from offering a kit version.
  • Yes, the B1 will be able to handle any plow you’d normally put on a pickup truck.
  • Yes. And we are working to have the batteries recharge as you tow the B1, as the motors will be turned into generators in neutral.
  • No. It will be fully compliant for road use with seatbelts.
  • We are engineering the B1 to be compliant with regulations in US, Canada, EU, ECE, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Yes, please write to
  • Yes, please check out our job listings on LinkedIn



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