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Ch2e Tire Carbon reduction


CH2E was established in 2012 in response to the growing problem of carbon waste and carbon emissions, quickly establishing a strong presence in major metropolitan markets in the USA. Understanding the global impact of transforming carbon waste (emitted from point sources such as refineries, chemical plants and electric utility plants) into usable energy, CH2E has aggressively developed new technological solutions to curb the carbon pollution problem.

By delivering a new form of carbon transformation, CH2E has produced varying grades of activated carbon and developed technological services to help customers and society meet health, safety and environmental challenges.



Carbon Transformation: The CH2E Advantage

CH2E carbon transformation solutions offer superior cost-to-transformation ratios and a viable, profitable and sustainable manner in which to solve the global problem of carbon pollution.



Feedstock Waste Carbon: A Global Advantage

CH2E addresses the concerns of carbon pollution and creates new sources of carbon-based commodities by securing and transforming carbon waste feedstock.

CH2E’s renewable energy production from carbon waste feedstock:

  1. Provides energy commodities at a predictable rate
  2. Transforms zero or low-valued waste into a proven source of new, renewable energy
  3. Diverts waste material away from landfills and from being discharged into the environment

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